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CephaloMetrics AtoZ 2022 Ver22.0 Version Upgrade Details

Controlled Medical Equipment "Diagnostic Imaging System

AtoZ Ver.22

Upgraded Model STL Display Features Include

New Menu Bar

 The icons on the menu bar used in the model STL display have been redesigned, and functions for 3D model analysis, occlusal contact determination, and directional axis alignment have been added.

Additional function for analysis of model STL data

 By entering points on the STL data, you can obtain the crown width diameter, BAW, and BAL values along with the line display. BOLTON INDEX is also displayed in the polygon table.

Addition of Contact Judgment Function

 Select "Contact Judgment" to display the occlusal contact status. Select a value from 0.0mm to 1.0mm and display it as a gradation.

 When scanned with an intraoral 3D scanner, it is possible to output PLY data with color information.
In the new version, PLY data can be read and the contact detection function can be displayed.

Addition of Axis Alignment Function

 When STL data is output from an intraoral scanner, the coordinate axes to be saved may differ depending on the manufacturer. With the axis alignment function, it is possible to correct the directional axis of the model.

New Screw Guide Synthesis Function

 A new STL data synthesis function has been added to the screw guide creation function.
In cases where screws are implanted on the left and right sides, two guides (Step 1) were necessary, but with the newly added composite function, the two guides can now be combined (Steps 2 and 3).
The new guide merging function broadens the range of operability.

Step 1. Create a screw guide on the left and right side.

Step 2. Create a guide for the connecting section.
(The red-colored area is the connecting part.)

Step 3. The left and right data and the connected area are combined.

Screw guides can be fabricated from two directions.
The backside of the guide must be machined so that the guide can be removed upwards after screw implantation.

New STL data integration functionality added (in Anato-STL module)

 A new STL file integration function has been added to the Anato-STL module.
The new integration function allows multiple STL files to be saved as a single STL file, which can then be used to create a post-operative model on a 3D printer.

STL files that have been extracted and saved one by one using the tooth extraction function can be combined into a single dental data set, which can then be used to synthesize OrthoStudio's root STL data.

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