CephaloMetrics AtoZ

CephaloMetrics AtoZ 2021 Ver 21.0 Version Contents

Controlled Medical Equipment "Diagnostic Imaging System

AtoZ Ver.21

Support for Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina) and Mac OS11 (Big Sur)

 CephaloMetrics AtoZ, which supports Apple's Mac OS 10.14 and Microsoft's Windows 10, is currently working to support Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina) and OS11 (Big Sur) intel Mac (64-bit) and the new chip Mac Silicon M 1 chip.

 CephaloMetrics AtoZ consists largely of 2D images (cephalo radiographs, facial and intraoral photographs, etc.) and 3D volume rendering related images.

 The necessary developments such as cephaloanalysis, model analysis, treatment simillustration, growth prediction, and printing of each have been completed. The provisional version includes various image processing and analyses such as level anchorage and other functions that are not yet supported. We are planning to develop a 3D volume rendering first and then do it later.

Status of Development

We are in the process of rewriting volume rendering related to 3D from this year 2021.

We expect to finish the main rewriting around April 2021, but we cannot make any promises regarding the timing at this time. The porting work will take time due to the large amount and variety of content supported by the program.

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