OSAS top


  • Hard to dropout due to cylinder type.
  • Screw head has 2 stage structure, so two different types of rubber and wire can be applied.
  • OSAS is a product made in Germany, with a stubborn design and low risk of damage.
  • Titanium alloy provides good body affinity.
  • As rubber and wire are not in direct contact with soft tissue, a possible inflammation can be avoided.
  • There is no ossification, so a screw can be easily removed after treatment.
  • Due to self-tapping, a screw can be implanted directly, without a pilot drill.
  • 8 types of screws of 1.6mm and 1.3mm, and each screw with different length from 5 to 9 mm.
  • Screw head is specially designed and processed not to harm a mucous membrane.
  • Thread of a screw has a special design which makes it easy to implant.




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