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History of OSAS


Development started advised by Dr. Jae Seung Kim.
The Korean company "EPOCH medical" started production in Korea.

2000 Sales started. Introduced to Seoul University with followed remarkable improvement.
2001 OSAS manufacturing facility moved to Germany (Company "DEWIMED"). Stopped production in Korea.
2002 November "DEWIMED" acquired CE0124 and OSAS current look established. A self-tapping type of screw was developed (no drilling required) and sales started in Europe and Central and South America.
2003 Dr. Cheol-Ho Paik introduced OSAS to Japan.
2004 Our company started selling OSAS instruments in Japan.
2005 February Dr. Cheol-Ho Paik held the first one-day seminar in Tokyo. A total of 4 seminars was held since then. Sales of OSAS mini screws started in Japan.
2005 October

Started selling 2 types of OSAS, slit-type and M-OSAS.

2006 November

Design of a screw changed with request for approval.

Design of a screw head changed as well.

New size was added for M-OSAS mini screw.

Design of M-OSAS mini screw head changed.

Design of OSAS mini screw head changed.

2007 March Dr. Cheol-Ho Paik held the 4th one-day seminar in Tokyo.
2008 July Design of a screw head changed, sales of 5 new types of modified OSAS mini screw started.



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