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Dual Model Trimmer W108

Dual Model Trimmer

12" coarse and fine carborundum wheels
Standard orthodontic table and tools
W54.6×D46.0×H40.0cm 29kg (110V)

PRO-TRIM Model Trimmer W108P

PRO-TRIM Model Trimmer

12" coarse diamond and fine carborundum wheel
Electric water control valve
Standard orthodontic table and tools
W54.6×D46.0×H40.0cm,32kg (110V)

Single Model Trimmer W125

Single Model Trimmer

12" coarse carborundum wheel
Standard dental table
W39.5×D46.0×H44.5cm 22kg (110V)

Model Trimmer Accessories

Model Trimmer Accessories

Diamond Trimming Wheel

Diamond Wheel

Natural Diamond Abrasive
w/ Epoxy-Glass backing.

w/ Stainless Steel backing.

12" Coarse
12" Fine

Nomal Wheel

Nomal Wheel

Carborundum Wheels
Coarse, Fine

107 Vacuum Spatulator

Vacuum Spatulator

1/4 HP Motor (110V)
310 RPM Mixing Speed
800 cc Plastic Bowl
DirectConnect drive and vac

300cc plastic bowl is available as an option on Standard 107 machines.

Model Base Formers

Model Base Formers

Pedo, Standard



Crown-Master can hold a crown well. It is convenient for craft.

CrystalEEZ Soft Mixing Bowls

CrystalEEZ Soft Mixing Bowls

Soft and pliable 600cc mixing bowls are crystal clear and come in fun colors.

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